What’s HOT in 2017: According to J

I’m always looking ahead…for the newest trends, the newest colors, the newest, well…ANYTHING!  And, with the start of 2017 under our belts, there is no question everyone wants to know, “what’s hot in hair?”  I have assembled your GO-TO LIST to... read more

Carpe Diem: Seize the Year

It’s been such an incredible year. Having highs and lows, both in my business and personal life. I’ve wanted to write it all down, but it’s been floating in my head – jumbled and unready to.  Until today, it was perfectly timed and ready to share.  ... read more

The “J” List

It’s nearing the end of the annual frantic rush to get holiday gifts for your family, friends and co-workers.  Ideas are growing slimmer by the minute – options are feeling less and less appealing – and, you just want to get something you know you... read more

What is the Right Hair-do to DO?

Clients often ask me to help them pick out a hairstyle that is the best for their facial features, face shape and can accent all the right attributes.  I must admit – it’s a favorite part of my job! I do take into consideration some standardized hair rules, as well as... read more

Scissor Series: I Wish You Knew (4th visit)

I Wish You Knew…IT MAY REQUIRE MORE THAN ONE VISIT. The vision for your hair may require more than one visit to achieve.  Your hair’s salon, style and upkeep history all really matter when determining the plan to achieve your end goal. If you’ve been using a box... read more

Scissor Series: I Wish You Knew (3rd time)

I Wish You Knew…I LOVE YOUR PICTURES! I know how hard it is sometimes to communicate a vision you have for your hair.  I know because I am also a client!  When a stylist just isn’t ‘seeing “it” – the vision for your style – it can... read more

Scissor Series: I Wish You Knew (2nd thoughts)

I Wish You Knew…BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENTS IN ADVANCE. Booking your future appointments in advance is such a great help to me! Because I don’t have a receptionist, when the Happy phone rings, it’s me who takes the call.  I love this aspect of my business because... read more

Scissor Series: I Wish You Knew (1st edition)

I Wish You Knew…YOU ARE MY FAVORITE. I have 200 clients (and growing), but there is a time when YOU are my favorite one. When you are in my “Happy Chair”, you are #1 and I give you my undivided attention. From the moment you walk into my salon, until the time... read more

Staying Relevant

Hair dressing is a profession, unlike most other professions, that requires you to be ‘on-trend’ or ‘trend-setting’ in order to be relevant.  The styles that leave a salon are the statements to the public about how each stylist interprets their hair styling world, as... read more

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