Cmassagelients tell me all the time that their favorite part of their service is getting their hair shampooed because of the massage. I try to always make sure to incorporate a light massage into this service for that reason. But did you know that I offer a service that would take it totally to the next level?

Let me introduce you to a service that I hope you not only try, but you incorporate into your normal salon visits. Itʼs the Awaken Scalp Rejuvenation Massage. This special service will soothe your tired scalp, release tension, ease headaches, relax you, and so much more.

During this service, I utilize the Surface Awaken Therapeutic Line of products. I start by inviting you into a calmer and more relaxed environment. I dim the lighting, brew up a cup of tea, and set the music to spa. I start you off with a 3 minute shoulder massage and then turn you to the bowl.

Now comes the fun! I shampoo you twice with the Surface Awaken Therapeutic Shampoo. The first time to cleanse. The second time to stimulate and awaken the scalp with a 1 minute massage. This shampoo helps to exfoliate the hair and the scalp. Its anti-aging antioxidants leave the hair and scalp healthy and invigorated. With the Color Lock Vita-Complex, your color is protected and sealed.

I gently rinse and then apply a generous amount of the Surface Awaken Therapeutic Conditioner. Now I will relax you completely. I proceed with a 7 minute scalp massage where I focus on the pressure points of the head. The temples, behind the ears, top of the head, the hairline and the occipital and neck area are all gently massaged to remove tension and give you release. The revitalizing ingredients of cayenne, peppermint, and antioxidants in this product will help to treat any dry scalp, eczema, psoriasis, or other conditions that may bother you. Your hair and scalp will tingle while the vital nutrients are absorbed.

Then I rinse again and apply the Surface Awaken Therapeutic Treatment. This final step is massaged in for 1 minute to sink the benefits all the way to the follicle. It helps to seal in and heal the scalp leaving it healthy and alive. This treatment is also great to apply to those pesky underskin blemishes or cold sores before they blister. Follow it up with the Surface Bassu Oil and they will soon disappear!

If you are having a service done, I will then prepare the hair for the service. If not, I will proceed to blow dry and finish your hair while you enjoy the prepared beverage. I have had amazing feedback from guests who have had this service. Clients claim that they have had headaches disappear, tension released, stress lifted, and that they leave with an overall happier demeanor. Continued treatments and use of the products at home can create an environment at the scalp to stimulate hair growth and thickening.

Call and set up your appointment today for this amazing service. Or let me know and I will add it to the one you already have scheduled. If itʼs your first time, mention this post and I will do it complimentary with any other service.

Now, inhale….exhale….and call…