surfaceIf you’re following along, you might now be wondering where does all this information take us? What does this mean for you? What is Scissor Happy doing to address this? What changes are coming?

Ahhh! That is the fun stuff! I have already had a great feedback from my guests who are experiencing some of the changes.

The first change I made was to bring in new products. Some of my veteran clients may remember them from when I first started Scissor Happy! I believed in them then and I still do. They are the Surface Products. I love Surface on my shelves. So why didn’t I consistently carry the line? Why did I switch? Rookie mistake – I didn’t have the knowledge and confidence at the time to keep it in the salon.

Education put into action makes the difference. The science behind Surface Hair Products affirms all I have been learning in my research. The development of this incredible line results in products that respect the health of the user and the Earth. And that means I have the confidence now that I lacked then to know that they are the best products in the industry. You will love them as much as I do! 

Surface contains 7 families of products. The Bassu Line is for hydration. The Trinity Line is for strengthening and repair. The Curls Line is for elasticity and moisture. The Awaken Line is for cell rejuvenation and healing. The Men’s line is high performance. The Skin Care Line is refreshing and anti-aging. The Styling Line is clean, non-drying and foundational. They can all be intermixed and cocktailed to achieve you custom hair care needs.  Their color Vitacomplex gives color retention inside the hair shaft, external UV protection against fading, and vitamins for maintenance. These products are AMAZING!

Surface supports the earth through organically derived ingredients and recyclable packaging. They support community through fair trade practices and their ongoing commitment to child sponsorship with World Vision. They support me, the stylist and salon owner, with focused business support and amazing cutting and styling education. And they support YOU, the guest. Products that are gluten free, sulfate free, paraben free, Vegan and without phthalate/plastic free to support healthy hair and scalp to promote growth, strengthen and longevity of your hair!

The perfect product for my new vision for Scissor Happy! Check it out at your next appointment!