highlightIt’s always super exciting to come home and see boxes of fun stuff waiting for me. But I have just been over the moon excited about the most recent deliveries! With the introduction of Matrix Colorinsider, my guests have been so amazed with their services. No itching or burning, no odors and full on beautiful color! Preserved over the course of their wear with the recommended Surface hair care at home, clients will have a long and healthy color life expectancy.

So what has been the best part of working with Matrix Colorinsider so far?  For me, I would say the flexibility of returning to a color line that is easy to predict and formulate.

Many of the color lines I’ve worked with in the past had nuances that were learned “by default”. Some leaned heavily warm or cool (meaning either a golden or an ashy base to the color). Some were very dark in level. Some were a very “soft or blended” grey coverage. If there isn’t abundant resources for learning these nuances, then they were self taught. And those make for hard lessons behind the chair!

But what I find when I return to the main color lines today – Matrix and Redken – is support. All sorts of resources available at my fingertips including mobile apps, websites, YouTube videos, classes, and business support from my salon representative means less of a learning curve and better results for you. The more knowledge I have, the greater ability I have to be courageous and confident in the services I offer. Whether you are looking to lighten up with a beautiful “sombre” technique or brighten up with an electrifying red, Matrix Colorinisider provides me the tools to achieve it and keep your hair healthy throughout the entire process.

With over 80 colors to choose from, your perfect color is just a consultation away!